Our Story

Witty Trade is a distributor of mobile phones and smart devices falling under the Internet of Things (IoT) concept.

Since 2011 we have been one of the key Czech distributors of the brands Xiaomi, Roborock, Huami, 360, Yeelight, 1More and others. We managed to win awards for the best-selling mobile phones three times in a row, and we are constantly expanding our product segment. We simply have a love for electronics in our blood. In 2018, we opened our own network of Xiaomi stores and we are currently responsible for 70% of the generated turnover of the Xiaomi brand. With enthusiasm and determination, we are moving towards further progress and interesting business opportunities.

Our Corporate Values

Ambitions and initiative

Witty Trade s.r.o., is and has always been an ambitious company that distributes global brands to the Czech market and at the same time actively strives for other markets or the supply of new brands. High ambitions are necessary in all directions, whether it is cooperation with important partners, non-traditional marketing cooperation or the definition of high turnover goals.

The employee initiative is the engine of change and progress for the company, because the employee, who is not afraid to change established processes, invent new applications, new approaches to the issue, helps the company to move dynamically forward.

Good relationships and team thinking

We are one company that must work completely synchronized. That is why we emphasize the precise sharing of information across departments, as well as within the department itself. In our opinion, cooperation in solving problems of our own and others is essential for the successful achievement of goals. We place great emphasis on respect for business partners, respect for employees, respect for values.

We suggest that respect must be mutual in the corporate hierarchy. We follow this not only in the relationship between peace and trade, but also in the field of the environment, as it is also a priority for us to respect our planet. The environment in which we live deserves the same respect as the environment in which we do business.

Progressivity and dynamics

V době, kdy jsme dennodenně vystaveni nejrůznějším změnám je důležité, aby dynamika měla významné postavení v otázce firemních hodnot. Pro úspěšnou společnost je totiž nutné disponovat umem rychle se měnící skutečnosti zpracovávat, reagovat na ně a přizpůsobovat jim svou agendu, a to ve všech sférách.

Our Year 2019


The year 2019 was a breakthrough for us in many respects. In the field of human resources, we managed to fill several key positions with highly experienced candidates. These included specifically the field force manager, the marketing director and the chief financial officer, and these positions were filled by candidates who have already achieved great success in other companies in the field. Overall, we grew greatly during 2019 and exceeded the number of 60 employees. In addition, we provide all our employees with free English lessons with a native speaker. In 2020, we will once again focus on the education of our people and the possibilities for their growth.


The newly established cooperations were one of the things that pleased us the most during the year:

OKTAGON MMA is the largest Czech-Slovak organizer of martial arts tournaments in our country and the great news is that we are now part of this interesting project! This partnership is also connected to the cooperation with Karlos Vémola, a professional Czech MMA wrestler, who joined the team of our ambassadors this year.

The National Beauty Competition, Czech MISS, has been fulfilling the dreams of Czech girls for several years. And because our interests are truly versatile, we enthusiastically participated in this life-changing show as a general partner in 2019.

Charouz Racing System. Formula 2, Formula 3. Dynamic acceleration, breathtaking speed. Just as Charouz Racing System drivers are constantly adapting to changes during the race, we are also dynamically adapting to changes in the market. As a proud sponsor of the Charouz Racing System racing team, which we became in 2019, we wish them good luck and many victories in all races!

We have promoted the Xiaomi brand in many ways so far. Among them are 17 Mercedes Benz company cars purchased on August 1, 2019, which we use for the already mentioned promotion of the Xiaomi brand through our influencers.


Our products were not left behind either and they occupied the highest positions on the Heureka shopping portal in the Product of 2019 category. The recognized products include the Xiaomi Note 7, Xiaomi Roborock S5, as well as the YI Smart Dash Camera.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a smart home from A to Z? This idea kept us awake at night and so on October 30, 2019, we presented the Xiaomi Smart Home exhibition to the public at the traditional ForArch trade fair in Letňany. For its great success, we also showed this exhibition at Datart Life and ED Word. It is a fully functional, mobile Xiaomi Smart Home exhibition, where you can see all Xiaomi products in perfect cooperation. One of the main advantages of these products is the fact that you can control them all through a single application. In 2020, we plan to tour the Czech Republic with this exhibition and show the public that smart products really work and can make our lives easier.

In addition to the mobile apartment, we have also equipped a classic apartment with our products, where trainings of our influencers and dealers from the Mi Store stores take place. At the same time, we also organize press conferences with journalists in this apartment.


The Xiaomi Mi Store stone chain, which we as Witty Trade s.r.o. are managing, has grown in 2019 by a new branch, which we have already opened on May 17 in the Ostrava Forum Nová Karolina. We did not idle in the area of our own Witty Stores/Service either and on June 3 we opened one in Opava.

The Xiaomi brand has a huge growth potential. For example, we plan to expand our own retail chain of stores to other cities across the Czech Republic in 2020. In the first half of 2020, we opened one store in Frýda (Frýdek Místek) and another in Kladno (Central shopping centre).