Witty Trade is a distributor of major brands operating on the Czech market and offers a lot of smart products for its customers. The Xiaomi brand is currently the most distinctive, so it is no wonder that really big and important personalities and companies want to be associated with the brand. 

Makhmud „Mach“ Muradov

Mach Muradov is a big name in the fighting world. He’s one of two male representatives of Czech Republic fighting in the elite American professional UFC competition. Like Mach, we’re not afraid of progress, so working with him is a joy and an honour!

Timea Trajteľová

Timea is one of the best-known fitness athletes in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. She has won several bikini fitness competitions, including European titles. So, it’s no wonder Xiaomi has joined forces with this successful fitness competitor to form a winning team.

Time Trajteľová s koloběžkou Xiaomi

Pavel Callta

There are many talented musicians on the Czech scene and Pavel Calta is undoubtedly one of them. Apart from music, Pavel loves modern conveniences, which he uses on a daily basis. The reason he fell in love with the Xiaomi brand was for its diverse range of smart products, especially the category of wearable electronics.

Týnuš Třešničková

Týnuš is a well-known Czech influencer who has built an admirable fan base. The Xiaomi brand has been working with Týnuš for a long time, so it’s no surprise the successful Instagrammer uses its products every day for personal and business purposes.

Eva Perkausová

Beautiful model and television presenter, Eva Perkausová has won lots of fans by hosting shows such as TOP Star. She also hosts social events and likes to make her life easier with the latest gadgets. It’s not surprising then that she likes the Xiaomi brand so much, as she appreciates all the help she can at home!

Andrea Kalousová

Czech Miss World 2015 Andrea Kalousová – young, beautiful, talented. She founded her own brand “I miss cats” and now she works as a very promising model. Xiaomi products help her make everyday life easier.

Andrea Kalousová s kyticí růží a Mercedesem s logem Xiaomi
Denisa Spergerová fotí selfie s Xiaomi Mi Note 10

Denisa Spergerová

Denisa Spergerová, the winner of Miss World Czech Republic 2019, is currently modelling, but it’s not just the latest modes she loves, she’s also into modern technologies so she can make her busy busy life easier. She simply loves Xiaomi’s smart products because of their intrinsically natural design and she has them with her all day long!

Nikola Kičmerová

Personal fitness trainer Nikola Kičmerová has helped lots of women gain their dream figure and motivates her followers to take up a healthy lifestyle. Xiaomi products help her keep track of all the details, especially her training sessions, overall health and they also save her time when preparing healthy meals.

Nikola Kičmerová sleduje aktivitu během cvičení s náramkem Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5
Kamila Pavlíčková fotí selfie s telefonem Xiaomi Mi Note 10

Kamila Pavlíčková

Certified personal trainer and nutritional adviser Kamila Pavlíčková has changed the lives of many women for the better with her coaching. However, good quality coaching also depends on good quality equipment. That’s why Kamila chose the Xiaomi brand, so she can have a 100% overview of her training, lifestyle and health thanks to smart products.

Martin Michek

Martin Michek is the best Czech motocross racer ever. Some of his greatest achievements include for example 3rd place overall in newcomers of the year at DAKAR 2020 the world’s biggest and most enduring race. Martin loves innovation, not just in sports but also in modern technology. So it’s no wonder, that he likes Xiaomi products so much.

Karlos Vémola fotí selfie s telefonem Xiaomi Mi 10

Karlos Vémola

Czech MMA fighter Karlos Vémola is one of the legends of MMA. So, it’s no wonder he devotes all of his free time to training, that’s why he greatly appreciates every extra second that Xiaomi products save him. He also uses smart products when training, as they are an easy way to keep a thorough overview of all the data that are so important for his progress.

Filip Salač

Riding for the VNE Snipers team, Filip Salač is a young, promising motorbike rider and an upcoming star of Czech motorsport. It’s no surprise then that he loves speed and modern technology! Xiaomi’s innovative products have impressed him greatly and now he cannot imagine a day without them.

Filip Salač
Karolína Mališová v černých šatech

Karolína Mališová

Karolína Mališová is a Czech model and holder of a title in a beauty contest. She was crowned Czech Miss Earth 2015 and represented the Czech Republic at Miss Earth 2015. She now works as a model, blogger and influencer. In addition to fashion, Karolína also loves modern technology. Therefore, it is no wonder that she fell in love with Xiaomi products for their stylish design and functionality.

Anna Kadeřávková

Anna Kadeřávková is a Czech model and actress. She became especially famous for her role as Rozálie “Rozina” Maléřová in the series Ulice. Because her diary is constantly full, she appreciates every time saved. Thanks to smart products, Xiaomi saves a lot of time, whether in the field of home care, cooking or body care. That’s why smart products accompany her all day long.

Anna Kadeřávková v červených slavnostních šatech
Karolína Kopíncová v černých šatech na umělecké fotografii

Karolína Kopíncová

The beautiful Karolína Kopíncová is a successful Czech model and Miss Czech Republic 2020. In addition to the latest fashion fads, Karolína also loves the latest technological tweaks. Xiaomi is especially popular thanks to the wide range of products, thanks to which it saves its valuable time every day. Their design appearance is a welcome extra bonus for her.