Witty Trade is a distributor of major brands operating on the Czech market and offers a lot of smart products for its customers. The Xiaomi brand is currently the most distinctive. Organizing and participating in various interesting events is therefore one of the pleasant parts of brand promotion. 

Xiaomi Smart Home

In the Xiaomi ecosystem, we can find a wide range of products, including products for smart home. Nothing is better than personal experience, which is why the Xiaomi brand regularly participates in popular exhibitions and conferences such as ForArch, Fast Day, Datart Life or eDWorld.

Gala dinner with influencers

In life, it is necessary to meet up with people, strengthen relationships and praise for a job well done. Witty Trade s.r.o. did this their own way and organized a gala dinner for Xiaomi influencers in the luxurious Prague restaurant Aureole.

Karlos Terminátor Vémola
Autograph Session

The Xiaomi brand, under the auspices of Witty Trade s.r.o., became a partner of Karlos Vémola’s new book – The Birth of the Terminator, the autograph session of which took place in the Xiaomi store in Hradec Králové.